CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19617.75


The Legislature finds and declares that the breeding and ownership of quarter horses for racing is an industry that has proven to be beneficial to the welfare of the state’s economic growth. The Legislature further finds and declares that an annual California-bred Quarter Horses Championship races program will further expand and improve the quality of mares bred to California stallions and promote ownership of quality breeding stock in the State of California, which thereby will establish a foundation for expanded investment in this great industry.


It is the intent of the Legislature that in addition to the awards, premiums, and payments provided for in Section 19617.7, the official registering agency for quarter horses shall establish a separate, segregated account for the deposit of funds distributed to it pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 19605.7 and subdivision (c) of Section 19605.71. Moneys in this fund shall be used to supplement purses in the annual California-bred Quarter Horse Championship races, to be established pursuant to regulation of the California Horse Racing Board. The distribution of these purse moneys among these races shall be made pursuant to mutual agreement between the quarter horse association and the registering agency. On June 1 of each year, the official registering agency shall provide the board with an annual report accounting for the current and projected balance of this separate fund. Furthermore, it is the intent of the Legislature that the authorization for this fund be retroactive from June 1, 2000, so as to enable the running of the 2001 California-bred Quarter Horse Championship races.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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