CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19610.4

Notwithstanding Section 19610.3, any association that conducts a racing meeting pursuant to Section 19549.9, or any fair that operates a satellite wagering facility, may elect to deduct an additional amount of 0.33 of 1 percent from the total parimutuel wagers placed within its inclosure or at its satellite wagering facility. The amounts deducted pursuant to this section shall be retained by the association or fair for the payment of possessory interest taxes, if any, assessed against the organization described in Section 19608.2, the racing association, or fair, and after payment of these taxes shall be distributed to the city or county in which the racing meeting or wagering is conducted, at the option of the association or fair. If a city or county has elected by ordinance to receive a distribution from a racing association or fair under this section, it shall not at any time thereafter assess or collect, with respect to an event conducted by that racing association or, an event conducted by or by contract with that fair, any license or excise tax or fee, including, but not limited to, any admission, parking, or business tax, or any tax or fee levied solely upon the racing association or fair conducting a racing meeting or satellite wagering, or any patron, participant, service-supplier, promoter, or vendor thereof. Further, a city or county electing to receive a distribution under this section shall provide ordinary and traditional municipal services, such as police services and traffic control, in connection with the racing meetings or satellite wagering. If an eligible city or county does not elect to receive a distribution under this section, the amount remaining after payment of possessory interest taxes, if any, as provided in this section shall be paid to the state as an additional license fee.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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