CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19549.13


Fairs that conduct racing meetings in the northern zone may, and horsemen’s organizations that represent horsemen who participate at fair racing meetings in the northern zone shall, jointly develop a program to provide for stabling and training facilities. This program shall be based on the anticipated inventory of horses and the number of available stalls and locations.


Participating fairs and horsemen’s organizations shall annually ratify an agreement which includes provisions governing the operation of the stabling and training facilities. The agreement shall also specify the conditions under which a participating fair may terminate its participation in the program.


Individual horsemen who elect to participate in the program shall be required to sign standard agreements with the participating fair governing the operation of the program. The agreements shall contain provisions that govern the operation of the program, including, but not be limited to, insurance coverage and payment of a security deposit.


All agreements provided for in this section shall be approved by the board.


Each fair that conducts racing meetings in the northern zone may elect whether to participate in the stabling and training program.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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