CA Bus & Prof Code Section 19506

No later than July 1, 2006, the board shall approve and participate in a health assessment study of jockeys that will provide information relevant to the determination of an appropriate jockey scale of weights and weight control practices that will maximize jockey health and safety.


The study shall be conducted under accepted scientific principles, shall be peer reviewed, and shall be performed under the auspices of a university based director with expertise in sports medicine, nutrition, or occupational safety and health. The study director shall be independent of the horse racing industry.


The board shall form a committee to provide input and advice on the design of the study. The committee shall include members of the board, and representatives of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, the Jockey’s Guild, the California Thoroughbred Trainers, the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association, the California Authority of Racing Fairs and of the racetracks. However, the board shall insure that no member of the committee nor any other person shall attempt to improperly interfere with study design or execution or compromise its integrity.


The study shall be funded by private sources. Nothing in this section shall prevent the participation of racing regulatory bodies outside of California in the study.


Upon completion of the study the board shall review the findings at a public hearing. If the board determines, upon review of the study, that the current scale of weights for jockeys is detrimental to jockey health and safety, it shall adopt regulations to establish weight or body composition requirements appropriate to maintain jockeys in a healthy and safe physical condition.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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