CA Bus & Prof Code Section 1632.6


As part of the ongoing implementation of paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 1632, the board shall review the portfolio examination to ensure compliance with the requirements of Section 139 and to certify that the portfolio examination process meets those requirements. If the board determines that the portfolio examination fails to meet those requirements, paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 1632 shall cease to be implemented and the portfolio examination will no longer be an option for applicants. The board’s review and certification or determination shall be completed and submitted to the Legislature and the department by December 1, 2016.


A report to the Legislature pursuant to this section shall be submitted in compliance with Section 9795 of the Government Code.


This section shall become inoperative on December 1, 2020, pursuant to Section 10231.5 of the Government Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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