CA Bus & Prof Code Section 12203

Except as provided in this section, no person shall hereafter be appointed to the office of county sealer, deputy county sealer, or inspector unless he or she has a license issued by the secretary as provided in Section 12202. If there is no person available for the position of county sealer who holds a license, the appointing power may make a temporary appointment of a person recommended in writing by the secretary. If the appointing power does not make a temporary appointment and no person can be appointed from the eligible list by the secretary, then the secretary may make a temporary appointment of a person competent to carry on the duties of the office. Any temporary appointment shall be for a period not exceeding six months or until the next license examination is held. If the position of deputy county sealer or inspector cannot be filled from the lists, a temporary appointment may be made, upon the written recommendation of the secretary for a period not exceeding six months.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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