California Business and Professions Code

Sec. § 12024.9


All terms contained in this section which are defined by the United States Department of Agriculture shall have the same meaning as defined by such department.


“Retail cuts” as used in this section shall mean a cut of meat from a primal cut for direct sale to the consumer.


“Freezer meat” as used in this section means any uncooked meat which is sold directly to the consumer on the basis of primal cuts, carcass weight or any specified portion of a carcass, other than retail cuts.


“Variety pack” as used in this section means freezer meat cut or packaged, or both, into retail cuts or other frozen food products, or both, sold for a stipulated total price.


“Consumer” as used in this section means any purchaser of freezer meat or variety pack meat.


Whenever any retail cuts of meat are sold in a variety pack the retailer shall furnish, at the time of sale, an itemization of the total net weight of each of the various retail cuts sold and the total net weight of the entire meat purchase, and a separate itemization shall be furnished for frozen food products other than meat indicating price and weight of each product.


Whenever freezer meat is sold directly to the consumer, the consumer shall be supplied at the time of sale with the weight of the carcass or primal cuts before cutting and a complete and accurate inventory which shall contain the net weight of meat delivered. The consumer shall also be supplied with complete cutting instructions for each cut of meat processed and an exact inventory of each such cut. The consumer shall also be furnished with the total weight of ground meat from carcass or primal cuts.


A half of beef shall consist of a forequarter and a hindquarter from the same animal. When beef is sold as a half of beef, the consumer shall be furnished an invoice listing the weight of each such quarter. Not more than 8 percent tolerance differential shall be allowed.


Whenever the consumer buys freezer meats or variety packs, the entire order shall be delivered to the consumer or held and maintained in storage and available for such consumer.

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