CA Bus & Prof Code Section 11345

The director shall adopt regulations governing the process and procedure of applying for registration as an appraisal management company. Applications for a certificate of registration shall require, at a minimum, all of the following:


The name of the person or entity seeking registration.


The business address and telephone number of the person or entity seeking registration.


If the applicant is not a person or entity domiciled in this state, the name and contact number of a person or entity acting as agent for service of process in this state, along with an irrevocable consent to service of process in favor of the office.


The name, address, and contact information for each controlling person employed by the applicant who has operational authority to direct the management of, and establish policies for, the applicant. If the applicant employs more than 10 individuals meeting the criteria of this subdivision, the applicant may list the names, addresses, and contact information for the 10 individuals meeting the criteria who hold the greatest level of management responsibility within its organization.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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