CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10175.2


If the Real Estate Commissioner determines that the public interest and public welfare will be adequately served by permitting a real estate licensee to pay a monetary penalty to the department in lieu of an actual license suspension, the commissioner may, on the petition of the licensee, stay the execution of all or some part of the suspension on the condition that the licensee pay a monetary penalty and the further condition that the licensee incur no other cause for disciplinary action within a period of time specified by the commissioner.


The commissioner may exercise the discretion granted under subdivision (a) either with respect to a suspension ordered by a decision after a contested hearing on an accusation against the licensee or by stipulation with the licensee after the filing of an accusation, but prior to the rendering of a decision based upon the accusation. In either case, the terms and conditions of the disciplinary action against the licensee shall be made part of a formal decision of the commissioner.


If a licensee fails to pay the monetary penalty in accordance with the terms and conditions of the decision of the commissioner, the commissioner may, without a hearing, order the immediate execution of all or any part of the stayed suspension in which event the licensee shall not be entitled to any repayment nor credit, prorated or otherwise, for money paid to the department under the terms of the decision.


The amount of the monetary penalty payable under this section shall not exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for each day of suspension stayed nor a total of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) per decision regardless of the number of days of suspension stayed under the decision.


Any monetary penalty received by the department pursuant to this section shall be credited to the Consumer Recovery Account of the Real Estate Fund.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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