CA Bus & Prof Code Section 10131.01


Subdivision (b) of Section 10131 does not apply to (1) the manager of a hotel, motel, auto and trailer park, to the resident manager of an apartment building, apartment complex, or court, or to the employees of that manager, or (2) any person or entity, including a person employed by a real estate broker, who, on behalf of another or others, solicits or arranges, or accepts reservations or money, or both, for transient occupancies described in paragraphs (1) and (2) of subdivision (b) of Section 1940 of the Civil Code, in a dwelling unit in a common interest development, as defined in Section 4100 of the Civil Code, in a dwelling unit in an apartment building or complex, or in a single-family home, or (3) any person other than the resident manager or employees of that manager, performing the following functions, who is the employee of the property management firm retained to manage a residential apartment building or complex or court and who is performing under the supervision and control of a broker of record who is an employee of that property management firm or a salesperson licensed to the broker who meets certain minimum requirements as specified in a regulation issued by the commissioner:


Showing rental units and common areas to prospective tenants.


Providing or accepting preprinted rental applications, or responding to inquiries from a prospective tenant concerning the completion of the application.


Accepting deposits or fees for credit checks or administrative costs and accepting security deposits and rents.


Providing information about rental rates and other terms and provisions of a lease or rental agreement, as set out in a schedule provided by an employer.


Accepting signed leases and rental agreements from prospective tenants.


A broker or salesperson shall exercise reasonable supervision and control over the activities of nonlicensed persons acting under paragraph (3) of subdivision (a).


A broker employing nonlicensed persons to act under paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) shall comply with Section 10163 for each apartment building or complex or court where the nonlicensed persons are employed.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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